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About DNB

Twenty-five years ago, there was no organized dressage in New Brunswick. There were small pockets of enthusiasts putting on and attending clinics, but there were no competitions or uniting association.

In 1988, one individual worked with CADORA National (Canadian Dressage Owners and Riders Association) and established the first CADORA local branch,  named “ New Brunswick CADORA” at the time. Later, a second branch was started in the Saint John area called “Fundy CADORA.” NB CADORA eventually changed its name to “Valley CADORA”. Both groups were affiliated with the National organization and with the Provincial Sport Organization, the New Brunswick Equestrian Association.

For several years, the CADORA groups organized and held dressage competitions. All were held under the auspices of the national federation, then called the Canadian Equestrian Federation. The CADORAs also held clinics and seminars. They sent a representative who became a vocal contributor on the CADORA National Board of Directors, and who played a part in creating the Quadrennial Program Plan for Dressage in Canada in the late ‘80s.

After some years, the CADORA groups became weaker and Valley CADORA disbanded. Meanwhile, the national organization was also losing support. A new, stronger national organization was formed, called Dressage Canada. Shortly afterward, some members of the waning Saint John CADORA decided to re-form as Dressage New Brunswick.

Since that time, the faces on the Board of Directors for DNB have changed, but the mission has become ever more focused and successful.

DNB is now a truly province-wide organization, overseeing and coordinating dressage activities and competitions in all active centres throughout New Brunswick. The Board of Directors has representatives from across the province. It remains affiliate with the NBEA and Dressage Canada. The current DNB Board has been instrumental in directly providing Bronze and Gold competitions for the past several years, as well as organizing clinics and other learning opportunities.

The competition scene in New Brunswick has never been more active, organized, and supported. Riders from the most basic levels all the way to Grand Prix are able to train and compete in the province. The EC Gold competitions are heavily attended, with three shows having to expand from two days to three in 2012.

In twenty-five years time, dressage in the province has gone from a handful of enthusiasts to a comprehensive network of coaches, venues, and competitions that have allowed riders to progress to the highest levels. We now have certified Level II dressage coaches in province, as well as specialized dressage stewards and dressage judges building their qualifications.

New Brunswick can boast about home-grown  riders who have competed to the highest  international levels. Michelle DeGarie represented Canada at the North American competitions at the Young Rider level in 2002. Denielle Gallagher-LeGriffon was short-listed for the 2008 Olympic Team, while later that year, Alexie Dunnett represented our country at the Children of the Americas Dressage Invitational, winning the B division.

These and other New Brunswick  riders have competed successfully in international  company in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and the Eastern United States from New York State to Chicago to Florida. In 2012, a provincial team was formed for the first time to compete at the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships in Bromont, Quebec, and brought home individual bronze and silvermedals and came away victorious with team gold.

Look how far we’ve come in only 25 years!