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Sept 19-20 Ride at PLP Entry Form

Since we have elected not to host the Sept show we will be having a Ride at the PLP weekend, with your coach – you can also elect to ride on your own. If you are interested in participating in this event please submit your entry to by Sept 10th.

Cost for arena will be $10 for a DNB Member and $20 for Non –Members.  (This does not include the costs of your coach/lesson).
The time in the arena will be 30 min – the warm up will be available for riders to get ready for their time slots. If we do not have a lot of participants then the ring time will increase. 

We will require all participants to have a valid 2020 NBEA membership, and horses to have vaccinations (Equine Influenza, Equine Herpes Virus and Strangles) for the current year.

We will be communicating the COVID rules before the weekend starts but will hold off for now as the provincial rules may change before then.  

Just to inform you there is also a horse pull happening at the PLP at the same time.  The dressage arena will be set up in the indoor arena and any stabling will be in the new barn (Barn 5).