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DNB Needs Your Help – Supporting Dressage in NB

Attention DNB members and supporters;

As you know, sponsorship has meant a great deal to the success of the competitions and other programs we put on for our members. This year, DNB is facing a lot of change, including a drastic reduction in the funding we’ve come to count on from Equestrian Canada/Dressage Canada.

We are grateful to the dedicated group of sponsors who have supported us year after year, but we’re now seeking your help to attract new ones. Our goals are to return to a full season of five competitions in 2018, as well as branch out into educational events such as clinics and seminars for more inclusion of non-competitive members.
Some sponsors donate money; others contribute goods and merchandise that assist our shows or become prizes. If you know of any persons or business enterprises who might be interested in sponsoring DNB or if you as an individual or your own business would like to get involved, please contact us.

Sponsorship levels are outline in the document, below; however, any amount, big or small, is greatly appreciated!

DNB Board of Directors


DNB Sponsorship letter 2017