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Youth Mentorship Program – Final Day in Wellington

The final day of the mentorship program began back at Chris Von Martles’ farm. We sat in the tack room and talked with Chris about how he got to where he is today, and he asked the girls about their goals in riding and offered advice to help them be successful. We then got to watch him school his Grand Prix horse Divertimento. Chris is such a quiet and effective rider, which was really inspiring to watch. We were also able to speak with Chris’ groom, Roberto Gallardo, who also happens to be a very talented break-dancer, who just won 3rd place at the “American Equestrians Got Talent” competition here in Wellington!

In the afternoon the girls were put through a special fitness lesson designed specifically for riders. Just one more thing to bring home and implement into their training regime!

That evening Jill Irving hosted a wonderful farewell dinner for the girls. There were many high performance and junior/young rider athletes in attendance. The girls had a lovely evening networking and talking with all of the different athletes.

Most importantly, we would like to say a very special thank you to Jill Irving for spearheading this program. These four girls would not have had this amazing opportunity without your generosity and leadership. Your passion for the sport and ‎vision to have young riders exposed to Dressage at an International level is something that ignites and inspires not only the four lucky girls that took part in the program, but for all the riders following from home in New Brunswick.

On behalf of myself, the riders and New Brunswick, thank you!


Quotes from our program attendees:

“This trip was one I will hold with me forever. I have learned a substantial amount in the past week and I cannot thank those who were involved enough. The Canadian riders in Wellington have been extremely influential and motivating. I feel as though continuing to work hard will hold success for me in the future.”       – Sydney Sacre


“This whole trip was such an incredible opportunity and it was amazing to meet so many great people who were able to share their experiences with us.”      – Martha Moore


“This week was a really great opportunity. We got to ride a horse we otherwise would never have gotten the chance to. Watching and listening to all of the riders has helped me carve out a plan for my young horse to hopefully get him to the upper level.”        – Maggie Zinck

“This trip was a great experience for us to learn a lot of things we will be able to bring back home, from some of the top level riders of our country and others. It’s really hard work to get there, but in the end its worth all of it.”    -Alyssa Gaudet


Everyone at the farewell dinner hosted by Jill Irving


The girls, Tiffany and Jill with the junior and young riders of the group


The girls working hard at their fitness class


The girls with Chris and Divertimento