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DNB Youth Mentorship Program – Day 3

Another action packed update from our Chef D’Equipe, Tiffany:

“Today, the girls started out the morning meeting with Brittany Fraser. She talked about growing up and riding in the Maritimes, and spoke of her journey getting to where she is now. She also told the girls all about her partnership with her amazing Dutch Warmblood gelding, All In.

Next, the girls met with Jill Irving’s groom Jordan Laughlan in the CDI barn, who introduced the girls to Jill’s Grand Prix horse Degas. Jordan is also from New Brunswick, and spoke about her experiences as a groom for Jill.

The afternoon allowed the girls to take in some of the Grand Prix Special, and of course, allowed them to stop at a couple of tack stores. Afterwards, everyone travelled to Jacquie Brooks’ barn, where they were given a tour of the facility and were lucky enough to watch Jacquie coach one of her students. They then helped Jacquie’s working student around the barn, untacking horses, cleaning stalls and tack and just learning the ropes of taking care of such elite horses and facility.

The day was topped off by watching the evening’s 4* freestyles; they were absolutely amazing!

Over all, it has been a great day the girls are learning so much and are so grateful for this amazing opportunity.”


Thank you so much, Tiff!


The girls with Brittany Fraser and PJ Rizvi


The girls and Tiffany about to watch the 4* Freestyles


Watching Jacquie coach


The girls and Jacquie’s Swedish Warmblood Stallion, D Niro; affectionately known as Goose