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Freestyle How-to: Time to get started!

It’s time to start thinking about your musical freestyle!!! If you’ve always wanted to ride your own freestyle but didn’t know where to start, please find below a “How-to” guide for all freestyle enthusiasts. It was written by our very own Nancy McAlinden, so many thanks to her for pulling this together.

The 2016 Freestyle Extravaganza is scheduled for August 6, 2016 at the Princess Louise Show Park in Sussex, NB and this year the freestyles are divided into 3 classes as follows:

Class 1 – Training Level to Second Level including FEI Para Equestrian
Class 2 – Third Level to FEI Grand Prix
Class 3 – Pas de Deux, Quadrille and Western Dressage
Prize money will be awarded from 1st to 3rd place for each class in the following amounts: 1st place – $300, 2nd place – $150 and 3rd place $50.

DNB’s looking forward to the 2016 competition season and prize lists and entry forms will be available on the website very soon!!!

Creating Your Own Musical Freestyle (1)


If you missed last year’s freestyles, please check out the links below for full videos!

Rose Burley and Boundless:

Christa Vienotte and Don Draconius

Sheila Merril Belzil and Cadilac Ash

Olivia Hanson and Encore

Lauren Cosman and Mr. Navigator

Erica MacKeen and Sorrel Sunrise

Vivian DeMerchant and Kieran

Tiffany Dalton and Ducati

Syndney Sacre and Valhalla