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Garnet Gallant – Saddle Fitter Available Until November 14th

Are you worried about saddle fit?? Garnet Gallant, international endurance rider, will be available at D&D Stables in Cap Pele with cutting edge technology from Europe. Garnet is trained in the use of the Novel De Pliance system, a computerized system for the accurate measurement of load distribution and pressure distribution on your horses back.

The plianceĀ®-s system marks the beginning of a new era in the assessment of the dynamic inter-action between the horse, the saddle and the rider. With the help of the plianceĀ®-s system and its powerful software one can analyse the quality of the saddle and obtain a better understanding of the interaction between the rider, the saddle and the horse.
How does the rider sit?
How does the saddle fit?
What does the horse feel?

plianceĀ®-s measures the dynamic pressure distribution between the saddle and the horse using a thin elastic sensor mat.

Harmful pressure points that arise from poor saddle fit can be recognized and corrected. During dynamic movement, such as trotting and cantering, substantially higher loads occur on the back and the shoulders of the horse as compared to standing. The pressure distribution under the saddle during dynamic movement of the horse can be measured in order to assess the fit.

Dynamic measurements can be recorded for all paces, from the walk to the gallop.

Please contact Donna McInnis @ or 506-232-2927 to book your appointment with Garnet. Most session take about 2 hours and cost $150. Cost may go up if the session lasts longer than 2 hours. Garnet is available most days between now and Nov 14th.