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2015 Awards Banquet: An evening of celebration!

What a successful banquet weekend!
Thank you to everyone who came out to both our AGM and awards banquet on Saturday evening.

DNB members got to share the evening with two special guests:

Jill Irving, international grand prix rider, owner, breeder and fellow NB’er, gave a very riveting and inspirational talk about riding, and other aspects of competing at the top levels, growing up in her small hometown in Ontario, and gave commentary to one of her grand prix rides on her gelding Degas. NB is very proud to call her our own! Thank you so much, Jill!

Also in attendance was NBEA president Deanna Phelan who gave a talk about the NBEA’s role in the province, the importance of coaches, and praised DNB for our hard work in the promotion and progression of Dressage in our province.

After a great meal, and the handing out of numerous, well deserved awards, the night kicked off with drinks and dancing. (A list of award recipients can be found in our awards section).

Thank you, again, to all the riders, parents, and supporters who came out to celebrate with us. We could not do this year after year without you!