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JP Giacomini 2016 Dressage Symposium

JP Giacomini Symposium  June 25th and 26th 2016


JP Giacomini: Former Olympic Coach, Featured Clinician at the 2010 WEG, International Rider, Trainer and Coach, Former Portuguese National Stud Trainer and Studied under the Legendary  Master Nuno Oliveira.

Who do the Icons of the Equestrian World such as Anky, John Whittaker and Pat Parelli all have in common?? They have all worked with JP !

 You are invited to learn more about JP by accessing JP Web sites or

Contact Linda@ for info




Program details:

Friday June 24

Demonstration and time for review on progress with previous students. Friday evening lessons available to Symposium participants only. Allows for more time to discuss and work on each horse and rider issue / concern or to gain more progress from symposium.(Friday evening lessons are not included in Symposium Fee but Friday lessons are discounted. See fee schedule)


Saturday June 25

Topics of discussion and demonstrations:lungeing,long-lining,Endotapping,work-in-hand. These techniques apply to all breeds of horses at any age and at any stage in every discipline.The approach permits to plug in holes that may be present in the horse’s education at any level of their development by improving balance, implulsion,good will, responsiveness and relaxation etc.This day will mostly be a demonstraion and explanation by JP , all horses will be worked thru the tecniques and riders will also get to practice these techniques and exercises with JP.


Sunday June 26

Ground exercises for riding postiions,turning  and lateral steps.Explanation of bend. Riding correct circles, leg yeilds, shoulder-in,use of the leg.This day will address the correct use of the riders biomechanics in order to help the horse develop correct equine biomechanics for compliance, happiness, long term high level performance and soundness.


Dressage*Show jumping*Eventing*Reining*Cutting*Pleasure-Driving*Breed specific


Important Information

*Riders  must sign on for both days(Sat/Sun) and stay ALL day.Your lesson does not end or start just with your riding portion

*Clinic particpants will recieve a speacial clinic rate on purchase of Endo stik and video, while quatities last.

*Clinic particpants are invited to join JP Saturday evening at dinner. Restaurant to be anounced.

*Each clinic participant will be allowed one working “groom” or assistant only, who will be welcome to audit at no charge.

Fee schedule:

Symposium (Sat/Sun) $600

Private In-Hand sessions (Sat/Sun) $400

In-Hand only Group lesson (Sat/Sun) $225

Auditing: Early Bird $100 for weekend (Sat/Sun) or $55 per day

Normal Registration $120(Sat/Sun) or $65 per day

Walk-ins $75 per day

 Friday Lesson: $160 private $100 Group

*Auditors are asked to stay all day to receive the full benefit from auditing and bring book and pen. Auditors will be able to participate in training discussions/ask questions, may have a chance to do ground exercises with a demo horse.Will recieve a printed handout of program.We ask that everyone remains respectful of lessons in progress, noise levels and limit comings and goings to breaks in teaching.

Stabling: Stabling @ Princes Louise Park

 $50 On-site for Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday.

 $60 On-site Friday night/Saturday night and Sunday day