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DNB Clinic and Freestyle Gala a Success!

We would like to thank everyone for attending our Clinic, Give it a Go Rides, and Freestyle Gala! The weekend was a great success!

Special thanks goes out to our great clinician, John MacPherson. John not only gave an awesome clinic, but also judged our Give it a Go rides, and the Freestyle Gala! Thanks again, John! We had a lot of happy horses and riders after lots of learning and improvement.

The Freestyles that were ridden by 9 competitors were fantastic, and a great audience attendedĀ to support our riders.

Results for the freestyles are below:


We were able to get everyone’s freestyles on video, thanks to Rose for the use of her camera and to Jenn, the videographer! Find the links below:

Rose Burley and Boundless:
Christa Vienotte and Don Draconius
Sheila Merril Belzil and Cadilac Ash
Olivia Hanson and Encore
Lauren Cosman and Mr. Navigator
Erica MacKeen and Sorrel Sunrise
Vivian DeMerchant and Kieran
Tiffany Dalton and Ducati
Again, thanks to everyone who made this weekend a great success! We couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you.
Congrats to everyone on great rides!