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Words of Wisdom

Vivian Demerchant has been living the dream in Florida this winter with her horse Keiren. She has kindly shared some of the wisdom she learned at a talk she recently attended down in the sunshine state:

“Some of you may know that the USDF is putting on a series of Adult clinics this year and next. The clinicians are Betsy Steiner (my coach here in Florida) and Kathy Connelly. Last night they gave a nice, informal talk at one of the tack shops here in Wellington. They told us about their philosophy towards training and included several great stories to help illustrate their points. Kathy and Betsy have been friends for years and it was evident that they get along really well and that everyone who gets to go to their clinics will be the better for attending.

During the discussion, Kathy noted that many Dressage riders are Type A personalities and strive for perfection. She cautioned us to remember that a score of 10 is “excellent” not “perfect”!

We all have been told that the next movement (or transition, etc) is only as good as the gait before it. Well, now you can also think: “All’s well that starts well!”

We were reminded that although Patience is a virtue, it is also a choice, not just a personality trait. On a sobering note, we were told that “horses are like children, they cannot protect themselves – and should never have to!”

We were also encouraged to keep a riding journal.”

Vivian just completed her last show in Florida where she scored a 65.5% on her fourth level test! Way to go! She is preparing to travel back to New Brunswick. We wish you safe travels, Vivian!