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DNB Championships 2012

Sunday afternoon - Group photo

The results for the DNB Provincial Championships are as follows:

Walk/Trot Junior Champion – Alyssa Ward and NGSRS Mudd Slide
Walk/Trot Junior Reserve Champion – Emily Czerwinski and Pretty In Paint

Training Level Junior Champion – Erica MacKeen and Sorrel Sunrise
Training Level Junior Reserve Champion – Victoria Duffy and Dakota
Training Level Adult Amateur Champion – Coral MacRae and Du Coeur Au Ventre
Training Level Open Reserve Champion – Lesley Ahman and Kamil Jauhar

First Level Junior Champion – Shani Murray and L’Austin My Step
First Level Junior Reserve Champion – Best Kept Secret
First Level Adult Amateur Champion – Melissa Pierce and Mia
First Level Adult Amateur Reserve Champion – Margaret Love and Nakida
First Level Open Champion – Tiffany Hamilton and Ducati
First Level Open Reserve Champion – Donna McInnis and Celtic

Second Level Junior Champion – Lexie LeBlanc and Slip ‘n’ Slide
Second Level Adult Amateur Champion – Allison Stewart and No Alibi
Second Level Adult Amateur Reserve Champion – Kim MacKeen and Bay Crest Canadian Tye
Second Level Open Reserve Champion – Donna McInnis and Wiando

Third Level Junior Champion – Sydney Sacre and Valhalla
Third Level Adult Amateur Champion – Vivian DeMerchant and Keiren

Full Provincial Championships Results