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Canadian Equestrian Championships – NB Declared Riders

The deadline has passed for riders to declare for the NB Dressage Team for the Canadian Equestrian Championships, which will be held in Bromont, QC this upcoming September.

Here are the riders, which will be trying to qualify for the 4 spots!

Alyssa Gaudet and Diamante
Shani Murray and L’Austin My Step
Breanna Hicks and Limited Edition
Brianna Devarenne and Lillyanna
Catherine Bourque and Minuet
Haley Greenbank and Denali
Haley Greenbank and One Of A Kind
Lexie LeBlanc and Slip ‘n’ Slide
Maggie Zinck and V. Pr. Rhasberry
Monica Cormier and Classified
Allison Stewart and Declan
Britanny Schulze and Sweet William
Chantall Basson and As Good As It Gets
Colleen C-Nisbett and Beausoleil
Donna McInnis and Celtic
Donna McInnis and Wiando
Mylene Goguen and Jester
Jenny Grant and Midnight Dancer
Jessica Stackhouse and Hawkeye
Margaret Love and Nakida
Melissa Pierce and Mia
Renee DeGarie-Haines and Bosko
Tiffany Hamilton and Ducati