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Dressage PEI Show #1 and #2

Many NBer’s travelled east to attend the June Dressage PEI shows on June 4 and 5, 2011.  Although the weather was cold, everyone had a great time!  Maggie Zinck rode her new mare V.Pr. Rhasberry in the walk/trot division. Grace Gallow and Mocha Chocolatta were high point of the day for both days of the competition, with scores in the mid 70’s. Alyssa Gaudet rode in the Training Level division with her mare Diva, and had some scores in the very high 60’s and finished as Training Level Reserve Champions.   In the Open division, Jessica Stackhouse had high 60’s with her gelding Hawkeye.

Alyssa Gaudet and Diva

Maggie Zinck and V. Pr. Rhasberry


Grace Gallow and Mocha Chocolatta

Renee DeGarie and Bosko were First Level Champions on both days of the competition. Michelle DeGarie and Denali competed at Second Level.   Patti Gullive-Goucher competed Kane at 4th level and also had scores in the 60’s. Congrats to all NB Riders!!!!

Renee DeGarie and Bosko

Group Picture


* Thanks to Dawn Gallow and Renee Gaudet for the pictures!!