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2010 NBEA Funding

In 2010, the NBEA has generously distributed sport funding to all disciplines to facilitate clinics and competitions within the province.  Dressage New Brunswick was able redistribute almost $1200.00 to 6 Gold Dessage Competitions and over $5000.00 to riders who attended dressage clinics from a variety of clinicians.  Clinicians who travelled to New Brunswick were Cindy Ishoy, Lee Tubman, Chris von Martels, David Marcus, Jill Steadman and Deneille Gallagher-LeGriffon.

We’d like to thank all competition organizers, clinic organizers and volunteers.  As well, the NBEA and its board of directors for their hard work, dedication and support.

Dressage New Brunswick looks forward to a similar partnership in 2011.

If you’d like more informationon the NBEA and benefits of becoming a member, please visit the website at .